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The Biggest Key to Self-Employment: Motivation

There are many people, today, who want to venture into self-employment, but just do not know where to start and how to go about it. Self-employment is very rewarding, but with all high rewards comes high amounts of risk that correlate. The pay is rarely steady, and the magnitude of profit solely depends on the amount of time put in by the worker and the effectiveness of the worker’s promotion of his/her services. In the end, there is one factor that, above all else, leads to the most success in self-employment. This decisive factor is motivation.A self-employed worker must be motivated to complete tasks, no matter if the worker is feeling like working that day or not. Most self-employment occupations are not “get rich quick” schemes, and most of them do not pay out big money unless the worker puts in the necessary effort. Therefore, note that motivation and effort go hand in hand. To put in the necessary effort on everything required for a job, the worker must be completely motivated to put that effort in. Without motivation, the effort necessary to continue with a self-employment occupation is not there, and in the end, the worker will not make enough money to continue with self-employment.

Motivating oneself to prevail through every obstacle is the quality that epitomizes a good self-employed worker. For example, a self-employed freelance writer has a few obstacles to overcome, but the single most inexorable challenge is writer’s block. Writer’s block takes place when a writer has completely run out of topics to write about. Instead of twiddling one’s thumbs, waiting for a topic to come to mind, a good self-employed writer motivates themselves to do research and sniff out a new topic. There is no telling how long it will take for that bout of writer’s block to take its course, and as writer’s block prevails, the writer is losing exorbitant amounts of money. This fact remains true in almost all other self-employment jobs; the longer one does not work, the more potential profit one is losing.

In the end, the motivation displayed by a worker plays the biggest role in successful self-employment. Someone without discipline cannot be self-employed because motivation is a necessary quality, and most people who are undisciplined tend to also be unmotivated. There will always be obstacles and rough patches during one’s time as a self-employed worker, but with motivation and a little bit of creativity, there is no reason why one cannot prevail in a rough economy. Though the pay can be uncertain and the hours can be overbearing at times, self-employment is certainly a great option if one meets the criteria. However, if a worker lacks motivation, tell them to stick to their day job.